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  Food service brand that make use of the technology cultivated through the development of natural seasoning is "TOKYUCHUSHI".

We have a wide range of products including no chemical seasoning product such as Garapon which is easy to make an authentic soup.

A wide range of products are available to meet the various needs of ramen users, from flavor oil to ramen with hot water only.

You can make high quality broth just by putting GARAPON rapped by non-woven fabric in the hot water. You can make authentic broth. There is no troublesome regards to garbage disposal. There is not much cost for utilities.

We have abundant line-up of products, such as "UMADAKI series" which are with hot water only type or "ZUI series" which are free from chemical seasoning or simple sauces that bring out the umami of soups.

You can use it for finishing touches of dishes such as ramensoup and dim sum, and enhance its flavor.

"Chef Service" is a brand for hotels, restaurants, and for Western cuisine. Fon de veau and bouillon made in New Zealand and Australia with ideal environment, demiglace sauce and curry etc. We are proud of high quality and classy products.

As it is indispensable to express authentic Western food menu, both are particular about delicate finish. We support a wide range of use from base to sauce.

Sauces that you make you want to add easily for authentic menu. We have a confidence in classy flavor.

It is a fried onion to be the base of all Western cuisine likes of curry, white sauce, demiglace sauce, meat sauce....This sauteed product helps to shorten the cooking process, reduce the fuel and light expenses, and make even.


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